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How To Choose Frames And Mounts

How should I choose a picture frame and picture mount?

It’s something we get asked a lot. So when asked for advice on the choice of frames and mounts available, we’re armed with the expertise and know-how to help you find the right one for you.

Who is the picture for?

Is it for you? Is it a present for someone else? The choice of frames and mount colours is really quite wide so if you are choosing for yourself, it’s a lot easier because you know your own tastes and certain frames will instantly appeal, while others may not. If you are framing something as a present you may know the tastes of the person and be a bit creative.  The better you know the person then the easier it will be.  

Are you framing something to sell?

The idea of staying neutral is more likely to apply if you are looking to sell your images – either as a part time enterprise, or as a full time business.

You will probably adopt a standard way of framing – keep it simple and keep it neutral.  Black frames and off white coloured mounts are a classic way to frame.

What colours/materials do you like?

It’s a process of elimination and common sense. You may hate green or love pink! Know that wood is the way to go or insist on a metal edge. If you don’t know what will work or whether someone will like it or not then you will want to play it safe by staying more neutral with your choice. You might want it to tone in with certain decor.

Where do you want to hang it?

If you know where the frame will be hung then you might want to take into account the decor of the room. Try and visualise what will work. Ask a friend to hold up other frames you have to hand to get an idea of what you do and don’t like. Take pictures of the space you want to hang it and send direct to us for some expert advice ([email protected]).

What the picture/photo/painting of?

The subject matter will be important to you -  it might be a picture your child has painted, it may be a favourite holiday location, it may be a photo of your son or daughter who has graduated, it may be just a greetings card that you like. This will influence your decision considerably. 

Is cost a big factor?

Sometimes it is tempting to think “well I didn’t pay much for this – so just a cheap frame”, but a decent frame and mount can make a seemingly subtle piece of art into a real talking point. On the other hand. You can pick up some fantastic bargains in our CLEARANCE section that will do the job nicely thank you very much. 

Need help picking a frame or mount? Email us at [email protected] or Tweet us @best_4_frames.

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