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What size is an a4 frame?

TL;DR: It depends on whether or not you'd like a mount (see below) around your a4 picture or not. If you want to frame your a4 picture with no mount around it (i.e. straight into a frame, with no 'border'), the frame size you need is A4 (i.e. 210 x 297 mm). Simple.  

What size is an A4 frame in inches? Well, it's 8.27 (8.267716535433071 to be exact!) x 11.69 (11.69291338582677 to be exact again) inches. This is the main reason we always prefer working in millimetres; there are usually less decimal points involved...

Top tip: to convert inches to centimetres simply multiply the inch value by 2.54 e.g. 10 inches x 2.54 = 25.4 centimetres. To convert centimetres into inches, simply divide the centimetres value by 2.54.

Once the artwork is inside, the frame itself will overlap your picture one each side by approximately 5mm (this varies slightly frame to frame) - this makes the 'lip' that the artwork sits inside. This is the 'internal' frame size; it's what we mean by the area of the frame that will hold your picture (and glass/acylic, for that matter). All the ready made (e.g. Nielsen) frames have available sizes listed on our site that refer to this internal size. 

 The 'external' frame size is the above size, plus the width of the frame (while looking at it, face on) on each side of the framed picture. You can think of this is the approximate 'wall space' dimension. 

'I'd like a mount (border) around my A4 artwork - which frame size do I need?'

There are two main options here:

1) A custom frame with a mount to fit around your A4 print

This is the easiest way to get the perfect mount/frame combination for your A4 print. Simply select 'A4' as your picture size on our custom framing tool and you can then choose whatever frame and mount/border style that suits your taste. 

2) A ready made frame with a mount to fit your A4 print

This is a great option if you love the Nielsen frames brand; an ultra stylish contemporary range of frames with thin profiles that really let your artwork do all the talking. There is however less flexibility in terms of choice of aesthetics here compared to custom frames, as this option involves choosing a mount that fits into a standard or 'ready made' size of frame. We think that A4 prints go well into 30x40 cm ready made frames. We've also create a tool which allows you to create a mount and fit it into a Nielsen ready made frame all in one go: Nielsen frames and mounts


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